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Trademark expert deems packaging design to be a "clear trademark violation” – Dr. Carsten Albrecht`s interview with Horizont

Unauthorized allusions to famous brands and their designs have been a legal topic that has been around for decades.

In a current case, a manufacturer of fruit juices copied the visual design of a famous cigarette manufacturer. The specialist magazine Horizont discussed the potential consequences with Dr. Carsten Albrecht of the Hamburg FPS office. The trademark expert, who references cease-and-desist claims and the possibility of an injunction for the trademark owner, among other things, commented that, in addition to compensation for damages, there may well be a demand to withdraw the product under dispute from the market and to destroy the remaining inventory. At some point, the fruit juice manufacturer is going to have to ask itself if this questionable campaign was worth it, stated Dr. Albrecht in his interview with Horizont.

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