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FPS is starting the next phase of the integration of LegalTech-solutions in legal work processes

In October, the corporate law firm FPS is starting a workshop series on the topic of legal automation. The individual workshops will focus on different aspects and specific opportunities relating to the integration of digital technology in the legal field.

One element of the digital transformation of FPS is the integration of LegalTech solutions in legal work processes. This involves solutions that usefully complete the business model, away from the LegalTech hype. Under the guidance of employees of the LegalTech startup BRYTER, FPS Berlin and FPS Frankfurt organized the initial workshop of a multi-part series on legal automation in October. Subsequent events will focus on the topics of coding for lawyers and document automation.

As part of the event, Michael Grupp, founder and CEO of BRYTER, introduced the tech-savvy participants to the basics of statistical systems (KI) and legal expert systems. In the practical part, participants, using the BRYTER software, built legal apps for use cases in the legal fields of money laundering prevention, private construction law, and banking law. Using the development software from BRYTER, various interactive applications for automated decision-making can be developed and complex decisions can be visualized and digitalized.

In contrast to other applications, the BRYTER software that was presented offers a target group-oriented (meaning intuitive) user interface that can be used without any prior technical knowledge. With the support of BRYTER data scientists, the participating teams were able to quickly achieve success and present prototypes for complex legal questions.

In reaction to the first workshop, attorney Johannes Jeep (FPS Berlin) stated: "There were some very good impulses; one can only say that we have discovered a very significant dialog and advisory system"

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