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JUVE Handbook 2019 / 2020

Recommended law firm for construction, corporate, information technology, M&A, public procurement, real estate, trademarks and design as well as unfair competition.

Following FPS-attorneys are frequently recommended: banking: Dr. Peter Reszel / construction: Stephan Jüngst ("very strong negotiator", competitor) / corporate and M&A: Ingrid Burghardt-Richter, Dr. Andreas Gätsch ("very good cooperation, high economic advisory competence, good team player, patient and precise", client), Dr. Heiko Giermann, Dr. Holger Jakob, Dr. Georg-Peter Kränzlin, Prof. Dr. Stefan Reinhart / employment law: Volker Serth / information technology: Bettina Komarnicki / public procurement: Dr. Annette Rosenkötter ("solution-oriented and efficient", competitor) / real estate: Dietrich Sammer / trademarks, design and unfair competition: Dr. Carsten Albrecht, Dr. Askan Deutsch ("very competent", competitor), Dr. Andreas Freitag, Dr. Frank Hagemann ("always a good choice", client; "competent and pragmatic", "internationally well networked", competitor), Christian Hertz-Eichenrode, Dr. Christoph Holzbach ("very experienced", competitor), Dr. Christoph Süßenberger, Dr. Oliver Wolff-Rojczyk.

More information on our awards can be found here.